Top Foods for Better Sex

Q: Hi Dr. Liz, can you eat certain foods that can improve sex?
A: Yes! Certain foods can improve blood flow, while lessening inflammation in the pelvic region, both short term and long term.

Q: Oh, do tell us about this please.
A: Interestingly, ‘heart’ healthy changes are ‘sex’ healthy changes! Yes, you heard right…. For example, high cholesterol may mean lower sexual arousal, while improving heart health may mean greater sexual arousal.

Q: Wow! Interesting how the heart and sex are related.
A: Yes, I agree

Q: So what do we eat to improve sexual function, Dr. Liz?

A: Well, I bet you can only guess? Yep, you guessed it, ‘Eat more vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, fiber and beans. It is important to include in your diet high amounts of fiber, and low amounts of saturated fats.

Q: Does this apply for both men and women?
A: Yes, it sure does!

Q: What does fiber have to do with sex?
A: Studies show that those who eat the most fiber is found to have the lowest amount of inflammation, as is measured in C-Reactive protein. So, when there is less inflammation, often it is easier to become sexually aroused.

Q: What is Interleukin 18?
A: It is a protein which is a pro inflammatory cytokine, and it is a strong indicator of cardiovascular health.

Q: Ok, interesting Liz! Please tell us what foods you recommend for a long life and love life for men?
A: A group of researchers put impotent men on a Mediterranean Diet, 37% of the men regained normal sexual function. Similar benefits were found in women.

Q: So what foods specifically improved erectile dysfunction?
A: Improvements in erectile function were tied to five things: increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and a higher ratio of plant fats to animal fats.

Q: Is it true that high cholesterol impacts a woman’s ability of sexual arousal? A: Yes. It is believed to be so because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of a plant based diet.

Q: Ok, Thanks Liz! I think I’ve got it! Fifty Shades of Green!
A: I think you’ve got it!

Q: Thanks for the tips, Liz! Amazing …. You never cease to provide unique helpful information.

About Dr. Liz Perry
Dr. Liz is a primary care provider with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Harvard University. For over 22 years, Dr. Liz has worked as an international healthcare consultant, has traveled the world, and has written hundreds of published articles as a health journalist.

Liz Perry