welcome to our concierge program

Why Concierge Medicine?
Healthcare has become a consumer-based society. Patients want to know they are getting the attention, quality of care, and service they need. Sadly, the old system isn’t working very well. With Concierge Medicine you are a dial away to a doctor, a doctor of oriental medicine-who are trained experts in solving your healthcare problems. The reduction in patient population reduces “physician burnout” and provides concierge doctors the time to focus on personal interests and family. Concierge medicine keeps you from having to rush patients in and out of the examination room.

Schedule your complimentary consult for Concierge Medical Services
You will have the ability and the time to talk to your doctor about any and all of your healthcare needs. You will be treated with the respect that you and your family deserve for each patient’s unique needs.

I invested in concierge with Perry Family Health, and I love it! I feel so spoiled! Whenever I have a question, I call and almost always I get a direct contact to a physician who helps me on the spot. My health has improved measurably since I’ve gone concierge, and when I do have to go to other specialist, I grow frustrated because my daily interaction with Perry Family Health has set a new platform of expectations! Thank you!
— Carol Treciokas

How do I make an appointment?
Ready to make an appointment? Head over to our contact page to reserve your appointment. You can also call our office at 561-660-8511 or email info@perryfamilyhealth.com.