How to Avoid Heatstroke this Summer

Stay Cool With Acupuncture & Green Tea

Q:  Summer has arrived Dr. Liz! Any suggestions you may have for us to stay cool?
A:  Yes indeed, there’s several things you can do to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke during these hot summer months.  

Q:  I understand that exhaustion normally comes before heat stroke. What are some of the warning signs of heat exhaustion?
A:  Yes.  Heat exhaustion is the first phase of heat related illness.  Some symptoms and/or warning signs of heat exhaustion may include headache, weakness, light headedness excessive sweating and nausea.  

Q:  If and when this occurs, what is the best action to take?
A:  It’s important to move to a cooler environment immediately.  It’s also a good idea to sit down and drink room temperature water.  It is also important to replenish your electrolytes with watermelon or an electrolyte drink. Take it easy.

Q:  Who is at high risk for heat related illness?
A:  Heat stroke can surely effect anyone.  However, it is known that the most vulnerable folks are the elderly, children and our little furry friends, our pets!  Over these hot, humid Florida summer months, the Florida Department of Health advises it’s best to take the following precautionary measures:

  • Stay hydrated, drink more water than usual. Don’t wait until you are thirsty.

  • If you must work out doors, be sure to take frequent breaks. Stay cool and pace yourself.

  • Do not leave children or pets in parked cars, even if the windows are open. Cars can quickly heat up to dangerous temperatures.

  • Leave your pets plenty of water in shady areas.

  • Wear light colored clothing.

Q:  That sounds good Dr. Liz!  What other clever tips will you please share with us?
A:  Drink green tea!  It can be taken warm or cool, either way, green tea is constitutionally cool.  Therefore, it works really well to keep our bodies cool in extreme temperatures!

Q:  Amazing! Drinking a cup of green tea each morning will protect us from heat?
A:  Yes!  That is correct.

Q:  Very interesting! I realize we don’t drink a lot of Green Tea as a culture, we simply are used to consuming coffee or black tea in the morning when we awake. However, we can drink green tea! Do tell us more about the green tea Dr. Liz?
A:   Science shows that green tea, even if taken hot, cools the body down.

Q:  How much green tea should we drink?
A:  Just a cup a day should be sufficient.  If you like to have several cups and sip it throughout the day, that is fine too.  If you’re in a tennis match or a golf tournament where it is exceptionally hot outside, bring a canister of green tea so it will last you.  You may be amazed to see how you prevailed over your many friends and colleagues. Soon, you will all be drinking green tea!

Q:  Wow!  That’s incredible!  Is Acupuncture recommended in summer months to keep cool?
A:  Yes, Acupuncture is recommended in the summer months to stay healthy and balanced.  Many of our patients come in to receive Acupuncture throughout the summer months. They not only use the Acupuncture to reduce dampness and heat that accumulates in the body, but to create optimal health.  

Q:  That’s easy enough! I absolutely love getting Acupuncture!  Is there also an herbal formula that you prescribe if a person does suffer from heat exhaustion or have heat stroke?   
A:  Yes, we have a full compounding pharmacy and will make you a personalized formula which is the absolute best for you!

Q:  I see!  Acupuncture and Herbs are extremely helpful!
A:  Yes, indeed they are.

Q:  I’m going to book an appointment with you now and have some green tea and Acupuncture!
A:  Great idea!

Q:  Can you please tell us how to reach you to make an appointment?
A:  Yes, call our office at 1-561-660-8511 to schedule.  You can come to our office or you can schedule a home visit!

Our clinic is located at:

Perry Family Health Incorporated
Old Colony Gardens Medical Building
12300 Alt A1A Hwy, Suite 115
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410

Phone: 1 (561) 660-8511

I look forward to seeing all of you!  

Q:  Thanks for the information, and a very happy summer to you!  
A:  Happy Summer to Everyone!  Sending cooling wishes to you all! Enjoy a Happy, Healthy and Safe summer.

About Dr. Liz Perry
Dr. Liz is a primary care provider with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Harvard University. For over 22 years, Dr. Liz has worked as an international healthcare consultant, has traveled the world, and has written hundreds of published articles as a health journalist.

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