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How can this benefit me?

Applications of Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy for Weight Loss

Auricular therapy increases your body’s metabolic rate and lowers appetite by communicating with the sympathetic nervous system to improve resistance to insulin, which metabolizes glucose in the body. Auricular therapy increases the hormone serotonin, which tones smooth muscles of the stomach, and reduces abdominal fat storage. Depending on one’s weight loss goals, the treatment can be done every two to three days a week to lose up to 10 pounds of weight.

Treating Anxiety / Depression / PTSD / Stress / Insomnia

Recent studies in Europe show the powerful effects of auricular therapy.  Stimulating the ear is enough to help patients with their anxiety, depression, stress and addiction.  Patients commonly experience a powerful change in their behavioral anxiety levels.  

Auricular Therapy for Surgery Patients

Patients undergoing surgery should have acupuncture therapy to help reduce their levels of stress and pain. If the acupuncture is done prior to the operation, it will have a profound effect on anxiety and pain after the surgery.

How We Help You Stop Smoking

Auricular Therapy can also be used for smoking cessation. Nicotine addiction is very difficult to overcome. To successfully quit smoking, a person needs emotional support hence the treatment should not focus on managing the physical symptoms only. Auricular acupuncture helps patients overcome their smoking addiction by curbing the cravings and the characteristic restlessness. It also detoxifies the body and promotes relaxation.

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) recommends the 5-Point auricular acupuncture therapy for nicotine cessation. After the therapy, small pellets are taped on the acupuncture points on the ear. When the patient begins craving for a cigarette, he/she must wear the ear seeds and intermittently press them to benefit.  Patients who have used this therapy to quit smoking confess that the taste and smell of cigarettes becomes unpalatable after a few sessions.

Treating Chronic Pain with Auricular Therapy

Chronic pain is triggered by the constriction of connective tissues that surround the muscles, resulting in spasms. By stimulating the reflex points on the ear, the brain/nervous system electrically resets the nerve impulses, thereby stopping the spinal reflexes that cause the back pain. Auricular therapy can also be used to treat chronic pain caused by sore nerve endings, as it stimulates the release of the endorphins that lessen the pain.

Learn More About Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy is a form of alternative medicine that involves the ear. There are over 200 points on the ear that corollate directly with the human anatomy. When the point is touched, it triggers an electrical impulse from the ear to the brain and allows that particular part of the body to be treated. 

Although Auricular therapy was first discovered and used by the Chinese thousands of years ago, it was a French neurologist physician who discovered that the ear emulates an upside-down fetus. He also keenly observed how effective it had been treating sciatica, by cauterizing a specific area of the ear that represented the sciatic nerve.

Nogier conducted numerous experiments and learned that by using auricular therapy, he could successfully lessen. and in some cases alleviate sciatica, backache and in patients. He further discovered its use in opiate addiction, and it was noted to be the most effective treatment to date.  There are 5 ear points according to the hologram developed by Dr. Nogier that are commonly used in the treatment o addiction, mental health issues and PTSD: Shenmen, Kidney, Sympathetic, Lung upper and lung lower, hunger or mouth.