Do Apples Create Good Health?

Q: We have moved away from the basics in our everyday diet, so I’d like to ask you about Apples! I remember as a kid, my Mother saying, “An apple a Day keeps the doctor away!” Would you kindly explain to us, What is so special about Apples?
A: Yes. You bet!

Q: What makes an apple so healthy?
A: There are many ways to compare the health content of different foods. Although Apples have low amounts of Vitamin C, they are loaded with antioxidant power!

Q: So do you need to eat the skin of the apple?
A: Yes! There was a study done, evaluating the difference between peeled and unpeeled apples and the effect on suppressing Cancer cells. The study showed that eating a standard red skinned apple, cut Cancer cell rates over fifty percent!

Q: Which fruits fight Cancer better?
A: In this study done, they used Liver Cancer patients. Apples were found to drop Cancer rates, cutting the cancer cell growth in half, as mentioned above, which is significant!

Q: Was anything stronger?
A: Yes, these two fruits are the winners, in terms of cutting Cancer cell growth … Lemons and Cranberries! Lemons and cranberries were the most effective of them all in suppressing cancer cell growth!

Q: So what other health benefits are derived from apples, Liz?
A: Apples are not only extremely rich in antioxidants, but flavonoids and dietary fiber. The phytonutrients and antioxidants found in apples may not only help reduce the risk of Cancer, but also reduce the risk of developing Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, and Heart Disease – America’s number one killer! Apples help repair the oxidative damage to our damaged cells that happens to our DNA during normal cell activity.

Q: Wow! That is fantastic!
A: Indeed!

Q: What are some of the other benefits an ‘Apple a day” provides?
A: An apple won’t entirely replace your toothbrush, but chewing an apple will promote whiter, healthier teeth, while lowering levels of bacteria in the mouth, and throughout the body.

Q: Incredible!
A: Apples also are shown to protect the brain, lowering rates of Alzheimer’s Disease, and further protecting the brain against Parkinson’s Disease.

Q: What about Gallbladder Disease?
A: Interestingly, gallstones form when there is too much cholesterol in your bile to maintain a liquidity. So, yes, an apple a day will also prevent Gallbladder Disease, and Gallbladder stones.

Q: Amazing Liz! Truly amazing! Anything else?
A: An apple a day can help to balance bowel activity including both diarrhea and constipation. The fiber in the apple can either help pull water out of your colon to manage loose stool, or add water to the colon to effectively manage constipation or dry stools.

Q: Does this help with IBS?
A: You bet! An apple a day will generally help neutralize Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as avert hemorrhoids.

Q: What about eye diseases in the elderly?
A: Eating an apple a day is shown to lower the likelihood of cataracts by 10 to 15 percent!

Thanks Dr. Liz! I love Apples! I’m going back to basics and will start to eat an “Apple a Day!” Really amazing. You never cease to provide unique helpful information.

About Dr. Liz Perry
Dr. Liz is a primary care provider with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Harvard University. For over 22 years, Dr. Liz has worked as an international healthcare consultant, has traveled the world, and has written hundreds of published articles as a health journalist.

Liz Perry