Cinnamon for Holiday Cheer

Q:  Happy Holidays Liz!  I love Cinnamon, and whenever I sprinkle some on my toast or my eggnog, I am in Holiday Heaven! 
A:  Yes indeed, Cinnamon has that Holiday Cheer effect on us!

Q:  What is it about Cinnamon that makes it so special?
A:  Cinnamon is an ancient herb with an incredible amount of health benefits, and it’s tasty too!  Although Cinnamon wasn’t one of the three gifts, it was biblically considered a “Fine spice”. Since the early days of Christianity, gifts were given to the kings, particularly gold, frankincense and myrrh were given to Jesus from the magi.  As we know it, The Three Wise Men gave these gifts to Jesus. 

Frankincense, an essential oil, helps to reduce negative emotions, reduces signs of aging, empowers our immune system, balances hormones, is known to fights Cancer and kills bacteria and viruses. And Myrrh, also a powerful essential oil, helps blood circulation, boosts immunity, helps heal wounds, good for the gums, prevents food poison, hair loss, and is known as an anti-inflammatory and for its anti-spasmodic effects.

Q:  Very interesting!  I realize we don’t eat frankincense and myrrh, we simply enjoy the aromatherapy of these oils. However, we can eat cinnamon!  Do tell us more about the cinnamon Dr. Liz?
A:  Cinnamon is a well-known and widely used ancient herb throughout the world and in Chinese medicine. It’s known today for its high level of anti-oxidants.

Q:  How much cinnamon should we eat?
A:  Just sprinkle a slight bit on your toast or in your eggnog and enjoy.  Perhaps, ½ teaspoon would be the most you may need.  Cinnamon is best consumed in the winter time, as it has warming qualities.  If you are someone who suffers from Raynaud’s Syndrome, or simply have cold hands and feet, cinnamon can help warm these body parts.

Q:  Wow!  That’s incredible! 
A:  Yes, Jesus, too consumed cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a special and powerful, and delicious spice.  The bible references the wonders of Cinnamon numerous times such as in Exodus, Song of Solomon and Revelations.

 Exodus 30:23
The Lord said to Moses, “Take the finest of spices: of liquid myrrh 500 shekels, and of sweet smelling cinnamon, half as much, that is 250, and 250 of aromatic cane …

Q:  Cinnamon is a delicious and well-known spice. I didn’t realize it had such history. What other benefits does cinnamon offer? 
A:  Cinnamon protects the heart!  It may help lower the risk of Cancer.  It fights against Diabetes and it is known to protect brain function against cognitive decline.  It protects us against flus, colds and infections, protects dental health and freshens our breath!

Q:  Can you consume too much Cinnamon?
A: Yes.  Too much of anything is NOT a good thing. Just enjoy a slight bit as we discussed and you won’t likely have any problem.  It’s when people consume over 6 grams daily you can potentially cause harm to your liver.

Q:  Hmmm, that’s easy enough.  I’m curious, what is cinnamon called Chinese Medicine?
A:  Rou Gui

Q:  What is it used for in Chinese Medicine?
A:  In Chinese medicine, Rou Gui is the bark of the cinnamon tree.  It is used to treat many diseases and ailments such as diarrhea, especially in the early morning, certain types of hernias, poor appetite, frequent urination and abdominal discomfort.

Q:  I see!  Cinnamon is quite special!
A:  Yes, it is.

Q:  Thanks for the information, and a very happy holiday to you! 
A:  Happy Holidays everyone!  Sending warming wishes to you all!

Q:  I’m going to have some warm apple cider with a little cinnamon now!
A:  Great idea! 

Q:  See you in the New Year!
A:  Yes, I look forward to seeing all of you in 2018.  Enjoy a happy, healthy and safe holiday!

About Dr. Liz Perry
Dr. Liz is a primary care provider with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Harvard University. For over 22 years, Dr. Liz has worked as an international healthcare consultant, has traveled the world, and has written hundreds of published articles as a health journalist.

Liz Perry